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Welcome to Baker Asset Management

Baker Asset Management, LLC is a locally owned independent money management firm. We are committed to provide our clients the mental freedom of knowing that their financial interests are our top priority.

Our Story

Baker Asset Management (BAM) is a spinoff company from our more well-known parent, The Baker Group. Established in 2005, BAM has incorporated a lot of the same attributes. We understand that successful investment relationships are measured by performance, service, financial strength, and discretion, just as James Baker did.

BAM is a private-client wealth management company created to assist you on reaching your long-term goals. Through our trusted advisors, we will establish individual investment objectives that are designed just for you. We provide you with returns on investments that limit your exposure to risk, as well as a potential loss on capital. Our interests are aligned with your interest, in a sense, “We eat our own cooking” and purchase the same securities as you.

We grow our clientele and their assets at a limited capacity and controlled pace. We only add people to our team that share our same long-term investment objectives and philosophy. BAM’s disciplined wealth-management services are grounded in a working relationship with you and your other advisors. (Usually a CPA and estate-planning attorney) The results of this relationship is a cohesive team that works collectively to provide you with a tax-efficient investment portfolio.



Our Team

Phil Stenseth

Phil Stenseth, CFA

Doug Claycomb

Doug Claycomb, CFM
Senior Wealth Manager

Josh Swanson

Josh Swanson
Wealth Manager

Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson
Wealth Manager

Paul An

Paul An
Wealth Manager/
Internal Operations

Cody Wheeler

Cody Wheeler
Wealth Manager/
Director of Operations



Our Services

We strive to provide our clients with customer service that is prompt and professional. At Baker Asset Management, we regard each and every client as a valued individual, which means we manage your investments individually with care.

You have worked hard to create the wealth you have, and effective management is the key to putting that wealth to work for you in a way that will ensure optimal growth. As a client of Baker Asset Management you will have direct access to your experienced portfolio manager and staff. Having a trained specialist overseeing your investments saves you the time and effort of daily portfolio monitoring, allowing you to focus on what is most important to you—whether it’s your occupation, your family, or your retirement.

Our Focus is You



We appreciate you taking time to review our financial services. If you would like more information or for someone from Baker Asset Management to follow-up with you, complete the questionnaire below.

— Baker Asset Management

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